CAFT ERROR 7 While Copying Signature Files (.ZML) From the Domain Manager to the Scalability Servers

Document ID : KB000030082
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default the CAFT protocol is used to transfer the zml files from the domain manager to the scalability servers.

At times it may not be stable or run against a timeout.

This appears as "CAFT error 7" in the engine log that runs the collect task for the scalability server:


|ERROR | Failed to copy C:\Windows\TEMP\\sXa14280 to fs801-pr-qft.pol.lsa!U:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\ServerDB\SECTOR\SSFW\W0000084.ZML - caft error 7 
|INFO | ********************StartFileTransferA: delete file C:\Windows\TEMP\\sXa14280result 0 
|ERROR | **************RSAPI_WriteSoftwareSignatures CCACopyFile:7 
|DETAIL | After Write SSF retcode=0 
|DETAIL | SaveSoftwareSignatureFile(...) for Windows failed 
|INFO | ValidateSoftwareSignatureFiles() Failed 



When this happens, the resolution is to switch to cftplugin instead of caft to perform the copy operation.

The way to do this is to create a file called rsapi.ini within the ..\DSM\bin directory of the domain manager, with the following contents:




Afterwards recycle CAF ( CAF stop/ CAF start)


Another solution could be to still use caft method but with a longer timeout (default is 3 minutes).

Edit the file <DSM PATH>\bin\rsapi.ini and put this inside (method caft and timeout of 10 minutes):