CADRAS task was looping and unresponsive after recycle

Document ID : KB000124223
Last Modified Date : 08/01/2019
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CADRASA2 task had to be canceled and restarted. It was not responding to modify commands. sysdump taken before cancelling and restarting, Output provided.
There was no exact determination of what was stopping the release of an ENQ in this situation. The CA View Developer/Architect was able to see that the problem was system related. He provided a detailed explanation using the System Trace table entries to show that the following is occurring over and over. 

CAHFSPT TCB placed in a wait state. This would be the expected place for CAHFDRAS to be redispatched and given control of DQN_CCS/DRN_CCS. What happened at that point is unclear, but seems the ENQ was giving to the CAHFSPT TCB based on the GRSDATA data but the CAHFSPT TCB was not woken up. [One would} assume it will be posted and woken up or the system is having some problem that is preventing it from doing so. 
Something prevented the DEQ on a held ENQ from being released. SE can provide the full detailed explanation with Systrace entries, but the bottom line is that this was a one-off situation between DRAS and the System that is extremely unlikely to happen again. That being the case, customer was OK to close...
Additional Information:
Very unlikely we'll see this problem recur.