CA-Deliver Output Management - RMOPARMS and the SET Command When Running Multiple RMOSTCs

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA-Deliver is designed to handle the execution of multiple RMOSTC's on different system images, all utilizing the same database. When this is done, there are some parameters that need to be adjusted for each image. We recommend that each RMOSTC have its own RMOPARM member.

Set the following parameters on an individual image basis:

TIME=       only one system should have a non-zero value
BOT=        only one system should have YES specified. We suggest using the same system that specifies TIME
BEGINDAY=   handle the same as TIME

The following parameters should be the same on all systems:

AUTOACT= all RMOPARM's should have the same setting. HDETAIL= all RMOPARM's should have the same setting. MAXHIST= all RMOPARM's should have the same setting.

There are some parameters that can be set using the SET command. See the section on "Setting an Initialization Parameter While the Product Is Running" in the CA Deliver Reference Guide to see a list of the parameters that can be changed dynamically with the SET command.

F RMOSTC,SET initparm=operand
   where    RMOSTC    represents your STC name
initparm  represents the initialization parameter you want to set
operand  represents the value to which you want to set the initialization parameter.

If you choose to use the SET command in a multi-RMOSTC environment, you must issue the command on all of the RMOSTC's.

Note: Any changes that are done dynamically must also be made to your RMOPARM's or they will be lost when RMOSTC is restarted.