cabi_external probe user synchronization fails

Document ID : KB000009041
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • Cabi_external probe was installed as per the documentation.
  • After completing the configuration we never received the expected message "Finished synchronizing users between UIM and CABI" in the probe log.
  • instead the following error is received
    • [UserSynchronizationThread, cabi_external] Warning: unable to sync users with CABI. Cause: 'Received status (15) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'hubsec_list''. Will retry in 60 seconds. For more detail please set log level to DEBUG. 
  • The following corresponding error is found in the hub.log (level 3)
    • [18724] hub: nimVerifyLogin hub
    • [18724] hub: verify - [target] prid=hub cmd=hubsec_list perm=2
    • [18724] hub: verify - SID is issued to another IP ( [list=||]
    • [18724] hub: verify - [source] id=cabi_external hub=PRIMARY_HUB (illegal SID)
    • [18724] hub: (nimVerifyLogin) cmd=hubsec_list<port> failed
Robot running cabi_external probe has multiple NIC interface cards
  • In order to synchronize the UIM users with CABI the probe needs to run the callback "hubsec_list" on the primary hub.
  • In order to run the callback it needs to login to the hub
  • The hub could not verify the login as the hub has issued a SID for one IP Address and the probe is using another.
  • Turn off IP validation to allow the probe to login to the hub with the alternative IP address
    • Use the probe utility on the hub to check and set the desired value. 
      • Check the value 
        • hubsec_setup_get 
          • key = ignore_ip 
            • This will return the value "no" 
      •  Set the value
        • hubsec_setup_put 
          • key = ignore_ip 
          • value = yes 
    • Also, check the box on the hub/General tab that says 'Disable IP validation'. 
      This is located in the lower right section under Advanced. 

      Set to 'yes', then save changes and restart. 
Additional Information:
  • To access the probe utility in Infrastructure Manager (IM)
    • select the hub probe and press ctrl+p.
  • To access the probe utility in Admin Console (AC) 
    • browse to the primary hubs probes
    • click the ellipses next to Hub
    • Select "View Probe Utility in New Window"