CABI probe (on the CABI Server) turns red after 10 minutes

Document ID : KB000118552
Last Modified Date : 15/01/2019
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We have installed the latest version of CABI.
It was working ok.
But now we are seeing that after about 10 minutes the cabi turns red.
How can we resolve this issue?
UIM 9.X and earlier
CABI Bundled 3.40 and earlier
The client had configured wasp to use HTTPS but had not changed the cabi_url in the cabi probe to point to https and the https port.
Although we configured https on the wasp, I realized we did not configure cabi_url
with the value: https://<CABI_Server_IP or hostname>:<port>/cabijs.

Once this was done, the cabi probe became stable,
Additional Information:
he cabi is shutting down after 10 minutes as it can not connect to itself for testing:

Oct 24 14:58:41:598 [main, cabi] timeSinceConnectInMillies=992, timeAlreadyWaitedInSecs=596
Oct 24 14:58:43:599 [main, cabi] checking url=, timeAlreadyWaitedInSecs=598, maxTimeInSecs=600
Oct 24 14:58:44:600 [main, cabi] Not able to connect to url=, timeAlreadyWaitedInSecs=598
Oct 24 14:58:44:600 [main, cabi] timeSinceConnectInMillies=1001, timeAlreadyWaitedInSecs=599
Oct 24 14:58:46:601 [main, cabi] java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: cabi webapp at '' failed to start in 10 minutes

Is port 80 open on the local firewall?