CAAM7477: Could not connect to the Performance Database.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When logged into the VAIM Main UI and drilling into a Managed Machine on the Summary Tab if Performance Charts do not load and/or you receive error;

CAAM7477: Could not connect to the Performance Database.

There is a connection problem to the VAIM Performance Database which is a multi step DB process.

Steps to Remedy,

Validate in the VAIM Manager O/s Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> services (also services.msc from run or command prompt). That the CA Key Performance Database Service is running. If its not running or not start-able review below steps. 

1) Validate that IF you are using a windows Account for the SQL Connection of the Database for the CA SM Domain Service, and CA AIP APACHE, that the CA Key Performance Database has the same account for the service. If Local System Account is used for all go to the next step.

2) Validate that you can login to SQL (that the sqlserver services are running) and that the DPM database exists and is contactable (not in a single user mode or a recovering database status). If DPM is available and in a valid database status move to the next step.

3) ON The VAIM server in Windows Explorer goto the <VAIMINSTALLDIR>\KeyPerfDB folder.

In this folder there are 2 Audit databases which are used in combination with the DPM SQL database at times these files can go corrupt which can cause issues starting the services. You can rename,

_data.db to old_data.db


_data.db.cur.tran to old_data.db.cur.tran

Then restart the CA Key Performance Database service. Once started you will no longer have VAIM charting issues or receive the noted CAAM7477: Could not connect to the Performance Database error.

For any other issues please contact CA Support.