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Why does CA 7 get a CA-7.200 BOTH LOG FILES FULL WTOR?


When a log file fills up, CA 7 submits a log dump job (e.g. CA07LOGx where x is P or S) automatically to write that data to history while recording to the alternate log file. These log dump jobs are expected to complete normally under CA 7 control. If there are problems with the log dump jobs, such as abending or being cancelled, then CA 7 issues the message CA-7.200 BOTH LOG FILES FULL. Because CA 7 creates many log records, normal processing will be suspended when the WTOR is issued: jobs will not be submitted to the request queue, a user cannot log into CA 7, jobs will not move between queues. CA 7 keeps track of the log file status in the CA 7 checkpoint data set such as which log file is currently being written and the successful completion of the last log dump job. This is why the CA 7 log dump jobs are important.

In the event that CA 7 produces this message, the first step is to try and execute one of the log dump jobs outside the realm of CA 7 (since it has suspended processing). If the log dump job is successful, then one can reply that file identifier to the WTOR (LOGP for CA07LOGP or LOGS for the CA07LOGS job). CA 7 will then start recording on the file specified and reset the checkpoint to show the information. If neither LOGP nor LOGS dump job was successful, the next step to perform is to reset the checkpoint. This can be done by scheduling a "cold" type start of CA 7 (pre-r12) to reload the queues. This is accomplished by ending CA 7 with a DMPQ shutdown (Z5) and then restarting CA 7 with a MOVQ start to reset the checkpoint. If you are running r12 (or greater) of CA 7, then you can do a CKPT start of 7 to reset the checkpoint.  After you bring CA 7 up with the MOVQ or (for r12) a CKPT start, do a /SWAP and the LOGP log dump job should come into CA 7's queue. This should execute to good EOJ and then do another /SWAP and let the LOGS log dump job execute successfully. If either job will not come into the queue, check the browse data set for messages.

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As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA 7 if you have further questions.