CA7 Backup of DBID 02 and 15 failing with rc 46(01)

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Last Modified Date : 15/03/2018
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I am getting Datacom return code 46 (01) during Backup of DBID 02 and 015 in my CA7 environment.

I do not have that problem with CA11 and CA Disk! 


The CA7 started task opens DBID 15 at startup and free that DBID at EOJ.

So, No CLOSE on DBID 15 can be done without receiving rc 46. 

- Explanation: You attempted to use the DBUTLTY COMM CLOSE function to close one or more bases that had a User Requirements Table(s) open.

- User response: Close the open User Requirements Table(s) and execute the CLOSE function again.
CA Datacom/AD 14.0 or higher for CA7 12.0 under z/os 

- 1- First of all, be sure to have RO61813 applied (AD14 new JCL with better instructions).

- 2- Second of all replace the two CLOSE cards for DBID 02 and 015 by COMM OPTION=STATS..

This will take a HOT backup which can run when CA7 is active and so no need to close DBID 02 and 15.

 //*       BACKUP CA DATACOM/AD ENVIRONMENT                    



//     INCLUDE MEMBER=B14STLIB                                

//     INCLUDE MEMBER=B14DDOUT                                

//ADCXXBK  DD  DSN=CAI.HLQ.AD14.CXX.BACKUP,                   

//         UNIT=TAPEUNIT,DISP=(NEW,PASS),                     

//         LABEL=(1,SL,),VOL=(,RETAIN,SER=AXBKUP)             

//SYSIN DD  *                                                 

  COMM OPTION=STATS                                 

  BACKUP AREA=CXX,DDNAME=ADCXXBK                              



//     INCLUDE MEMBER=B14STLIB                                

//     INCLUDE MEMBER=B14DDOUT                                

//DD002BK   DD  DSN=CAI.HLQ.AD14.DB002.BACKUP,                

//         UNIT=TAPEUNIT,DISP=(NEW,PASS),                     

//         LABEL=(2,SL,),VOL=(,RETAIN,SER=AXBKUP)             

//DD015BK   DD  DSN=CAI.HLQ.AD14.DB015.BACKUP,                

//         UNIT=TAPEUNIT,DISP=(NEW,PASS),                     

//         LABEL=(3,SL,),VOL=(,RETAIN,SER=AXBKUP)             

//SYSIN DD  *                                                 

  BACKUP DBID=002,DDNAME=DD002BK,SEQ=PHYSICAL                 

  BACKUP DBID=015,DDNAME=DD015BK,SEQ=PHYSICAL                 



Additional Information:
COMM OPTION=STATS is a better and safer choice.

see more on COMM OPTION=STATS here: