CA XCOM transfers are not using the full bandwith

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have an XCOM server, we're seeing that we can't consume the full Bandwidth that is assigned to the server. Transfers are taking longer to complete.

XCOM r11.6 for Windows, Windows 2008

The client found that in Windows 2008 R2 the S.O. blocks the bandwidth and you can't use the full amount of it. They did some testing with Windows 2003 and that problem did not occur. It's like Windows 2008 takes the control of the bandwidth. 


XCOM does not control the bandwidth being used. That is done by TCPIP and/or your network. That applies for any of the platforms where CA XCOM is running. You need to review your settings for TCPIP or your network. 

Additional Information:

We can provide you with CA XCOM settings to improve your transfer performance, but that will not control the bandwidth used for that transfer. Here are some of the suggestions to improve your transfer performance:

1. If you are initiating the transfers from Windows and the files are large, make sure that you are using Packing. In other words, make sure you have ENCODING or CARRIAGE_FLAG=XPACK. Small files will not take advantage of the packing since there is not a lot of data to transfer. 

2. If using packing, you don't want to use Compression because that puts more overhead on the transfer. 

3. Make sure that tracing is turned of. 

4. Make sure you have the following values for these parameters in your xcom.glb: 








5. You may want to check your to make sure you are taking advantage of concurrent active transfers. 

If your settings are already set to the above values, then you need to address the problem with your Network Admin.