CA XCOM for Windows Log File Maintenance (CLEANLOG)

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Last Modified Date : 16/01/2019
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CLEANLOG.EXE purges entries from the CA XCOM for Windows log (XCOM.LOG). Items older the specified age are deleted. This assures that the file will not grow too large.



CLEANLOG.EXE can be run from the command line or from a command file.
CA-XCOM for Windows NT should be idle when this program is run.
CA-XCOM does not save entries that are purged.
You may want to back up the log before running CLEANLOG.


     CLEANLOG <Number of days old> [Log file Name]


Operand                         Description
Number of days old     Entries older than this will be purged.
Log file Name             The name of the log file to clean (optional). The default  is the XCOM.LOG in
                                    the current  directory.



This command will remove entries in XCOM.LOG that are older than 5 days.
Additional Information:
This information is in the online documentation at Purge the Log File.