CA XCOM XCOMM0780E TXPI Errors & RV meanings

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Last Modified Date : 08/11/2018
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TXPI is CA XCOM's Data Transport's proprietary interface with TCP/IP. The TXPI error number is included when the XCOM error message XCOMM0780E is displayed. 
The TXPI codes and the return values (RV)  are not XCOM error codes, but are passed back from the TCP/IP layer. They are documented for completeness. In most instances it will be necessary to report these codes to CA Support.
Please refer to IBM Documentation II13675: C/C++ TCPIP USS ERRNO RETURN CODES​ for the meaning of the TCP/IP return values.  

TXPI #Explanation
101Txpi sss is not supported for protocol nn
102Size nn invalid for sss; should be nn
103TXPI_SERVER_OPTIONS is NULL in TxpiInitServer
104Internal error: size nn invalid for CONNECTION; should be nn
105Parameter TXPI_CONNECT is NULL
107Socket Type SOCK_DGRAM is not supported
108Communication protocol unknown type nn
109TxpiInitConnection P_TXPI_CONNECT parm is NULL
110TxpiInitBroadcast is not supported
111TxpiInitMulticast is not supported
112Invalid TXPI_OPTIONS size nn (not nn)
113Cannot allocate storage for the nn byte TXPI_CONNECT block
114TxpiTerm for a server before TxpiInitConnection called for hClient
115TxpiSetOptions cannot change the socket type from xx to yy
116Cannot allocate storage for the nn byte TXPI_BUFFER block
117Internal error: fnReceive returned only nn bytes. Requested at least nn
118Internal error: Receive about to discard nn bytes. Rcvd: nn; Left: nn;
   Buf: nn
119Freeing a TXPI buffer before receiving nn bytes of data
120getclientid error return value = nn
121givesocket error return value = nn
122TxpiInitConnection: P_TXPI_CONNECT parm is NULL but dwClientId is nn
   (not zero)
201WSAStartup error return value = nn
202WSACleanup error return value = nn
203Gethostbyname error return value = nn
204Invalid ip address format sss
205Socket error unknown type = nn
206Socket error return value = nn
208Set socket SO_RCVBUF option error return value = nn
209Set socket SO_SNDBUF option error return value = nn
210Set socket NODELAY option error return value = nn
211Socket connect error return value = nn
212Socket bind error return value = nn
213Socket accept error return value = nn
214Socket listen error return value = nn
215Socket send error return value = nn
216Socket sendto error return value = nn
217Socket receive error return value = nn
218Socket receive from error return value = nn
219Socket close error return value = nn
220Socket send select error return value = nn
221takesocket error return value = nn
222Socket select error return value = nn
224gethostname error return value = nn
226Select timed out with no data available
227Socket received 0 bytes: partner closed socket. Last error: return
   value = nn
228Select exception condition for socket return value = nn
229TxpiSend aborted because unreceived data is available
230Internal error: invalid connection type return value = nn
231TxpiSend aborted because the partner called TxpiTerm
232Error return value = nn following select
233Socket return value = nn closed during accept/receive/select
234Error return value = nn from getpeername; length: nn
235Gethostid error return value = nn
701Received remote data block at %#lX starting with invalid EyeCatcher
   %%#lX (%-1.32s); expected %#lx
702Received remote data block with invalid header size nn; expected nn
703nn bytes of unreceived data leaves no space for TxpiSend
704TxpiSend aborted because nn bytes of unreceived data is available
801Unable to find storage from prior process
802OpenFileMapping error nn for storage class sss
803Error return value = nn mapping %#lx bytes (nn nn -byte descriptor
   elements & nn - byte blocks) for sss
804FileMap sss already in use. Cannot create a new one
805Error nn from MapViewOfFile for %#lx bytes for map sss
806Error allocating %%#lx bytes (nn nn -byte descriptor elements & nn byte
   blocks for sss)
807Error nn from UnmapViewOfFile for sss
808Internal error: Null PTXPI_STRUCTURE in StrInstance
809All instances of structure sss have been allocated
810Internal error: handle %%#lx for sss is not allocated
811Internal error: handle %%#lx < %#lx or > %#lx for sss