Ca Workload Automation ESP Workstation Unable to negate a status of Overdue by resetting times.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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a job was in Overdue status we were able to reset the 'Overdue if not completed by' time in the Director to a later time. We can still reset the time and save it, but the job remains in Overdue status even if the 'Overdue if not completed by' time has not been reached yet.




There is a PTF that fixes this behavior. However customer does not have USERMOD 33 set.

++PTF (RO84863)

OVERDUE RESET NOT WORKING WITH USERMOD 33                                  
PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                       
When usermod 33 is on ESP may not update job status after a reset of overdue
end time. This happens when for already overdue job overdue end time is    
reset in the future, so that job would not be overdue any longer. But with 
usermod 33 on the status would still show as overdue.                      
This PTF fixes the bug.                                                    




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