CA WA DE Job and Application run frequency

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Last Modified Date : 02/05/2018
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The CA Workload Automation DE has Run Frequency at Job and Application level.  It allows the control of job run on specific days.
CA Workload Automation DE R11.3/R12
The Run Frequency may only have days in it.  It cannot take Event like schedule.  E.g. EVERY MONDAY at 9 AM should not go in Run Frequency.  You should only set EVERY MONDAY at Run Frequency

The job and application runs are controlled by the event.  They can only run when, i.e. time and day, the event triggers.  The Run frequency can then only check the day and decide if the job will run on that day or not.

So, if the event is set to run DAILY at 9AM, and you want your job to run at only on Monday at 9AM, then set the Run Frequency to MONDAY.  You don't have to define 9 AM.  The time aspect will be controlled by the event.

Note: By default all the jobs inherit the Application level Run Frequency.  You can change that by editing the individual jobs.
Job Level Run Frequency

The same Run Frequency may be set at the Application level. 
Application Level Run Frequency