CA WA Agent : SNMP alerts are not forwarded from ESP manager

Document ID : KB000111702
Last Modified Date : 29/08/2018
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The CA Workload Automation Agent is not forwarding the SNMP alert notifications from CA ESP Manager.  The CA WA Agent receives the alerts, but cannot forward due to this error (rmipluginmanager.log):
08/08/20XX XX:XX:38.913-0500 3 Internal Thread.CybObjectQueue.put[:314] 
- put . . tcpip@ESP_MANAGER management . STATE SUBERROR Status(Agent is missing) Plugin(management)

CA Workload Automation Agent 11.3 / 11.4
CA WA ESP 11.4 or above
On the CA ESP side, the AGENTMSG may not have keywords setup properly.
Setup the AGENTMSG and match the keywords case as shown. 
ESP AGENTMSG . . <AGENT_NAME> . . -                       
TRIGGER MONITOR MonitoredNode(%MGRADDR) Nodetype(Manager) -  
Nodename(<MANAGER_ID>) Domain(MAIN) Applname(%MNAPPL) -         
Applgen(%MNAPPLGEN) Jobname(%MNJOB) JOBQUAL(001) State(COMPLETE) -   
Note: Define keywords in mixed case.  E.g Nodename cannot be NODENAME or nodename,  It has to be mixed case like: 'Nodename'.  See all the keywords above.
Additional Information:
For more details on AGENTMSG, see this link.