CA View - Making amendments to SARPJ Panel to include text that contains attribute characters.

Document ID : KB000022921
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A technical team has requested a change to the sample job in panel SARPJ. Within this job card they would like the following added:


As the underscore is an attribute character how can I include this?



The SARPJ panel as delivered contains neither )ATTR nor )BODY statements. As per ISPF rules (see ISPF dialog developer's guide and reference) this means that the ISPF default attribute characters are in effect for it, which are:

     % (percent sign) - Protected high-intensity text                                 
     +  (plus sign)     - protected low-intensity text                                     
     _  (underscore)   - unprotected (input) high-intensity text     

If you place an _ (underscore) anywhere in the )BODY section (for SARPJ panel this means anywhere from first line to the )INIT line), ISPF will interpret it as the beginning of an input field and will NOT display whatever is beyond the underscore. Your ONLY option is to change the default attribute characters for that particular panel. As per the ISPF guide, they must not conflict with whatever is displayed in the panel body.


Example SARPJ panel changes:


 )ATTR DEFAULT(%+@)                                                      
 %&PRD &MOD ----------------- BATCH JOB JCL -----------------------------
 %COMMAND ===>@OPT                                             +         
 +JOB STATEMENT INFORMATION:                                             
 %  ===>@SJC1                                                            
 %  ===>@SJC2                                                            
 %  ===>@SJC3                                                            
 %  ===>@SJC4                                                            
 +        this is a text line                                            
 +    this line contains an underscore _ and more text                   
   .HELP = SARPTJ                                                        

Description of SARPJ panel changes:

  • Add an )ATTR section (line 1) changing the default attribute characters for this panel to '%+@' (percent sign, plus sign and AT sign).
  • Add a )BODY statement to mark the end of the attribute section and the beginning of the panel body.
  • For each and every input field (the command and the four jobcard lines) you replace the old input field mark _ (the underscore) with the new input field mark @ (the AT sign).
  • Then you are free to place an _ (underscore) wherever you need it displayed in the panel body.