CA View Index Space Fills Quicker than Data Space

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The client has found that the index portion of their View database fills quicker than the than the database's data space, and the client would like to know what to do about it.



CA View



A View report requires approximately 2000 bytes of index space, for its index records. 

The database in question is a JCL database, which means there are MANY small reports, which still require the 2000 bytes of index space per report. 

JCL databases tend to be "index heavy", as they will probably require an allocation of more index space before needing more data space. 

A reason for there being an overall greater need for index space would be if there were an increase in the number of reports being collected, or possibly if the retention of reports was increased (reports staying around longer, while more new reports are added). 

It was suggested that the client regularly monitor the number of sysouts kept in the database, seeing any changes there in relation to the corresponding index usage percentage: 

 . If there is an increase in the number of sysouts and there is an increase in the index usage percentage, this would be expected. 

 . If there is an increase in the number of sysouts and the index usage percentage stays within a given range, this would be expected as well. 


A possible problem situation would be if there is a small change in the number of sysouts and a large change in index usage percentage.