CA Vantage SRM Windows Client errors SRM-VAN-0067 and SRM-VAN-0382

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Last Modified Date : 26/10/2018
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The customer has installed the Windows Client v12.7.871 Patch 3 on a CITRIX image. 
They are unable to launch the Windows Client, they encounter a SRM-VAN-0067 error at startup:
They get a pop-up message SRM-VAN-0067: Internal failure in load Home Page.
After clicking OK, a second error, SRM-VAN-0382, appears.
Click OK and the Windows Client shuts down.
Both errors, SRM-VAN-0067 and SRM-VAN-0382, result from insufficient access rights to the database folder path (“..\BrightStor SRM Data\Database\Homepage” and “..\BrightStor SRM Data\Database” respectively). 

The pop-up message “SRM-VAN-0067: Internal failure in load Home Page” applies to the Home Panel. 
If you manually apply “Read-only” attributes to directory “C:\BrightStor SRM Data\Database\Homepage” (the home from HTML source code) you can reproduce the same error. 
So the SRM-VAN-0067 error indicates no “read-write” access to sub-directory “..\BrightStor SRM Data\Database\Homepage”. 
while the SRM-VAN-0382 error indicates no read-write access to directory “..\BrightStor SRM Data\Database”. 
The read-write access must apply to all files and folders under “..\BrightStor SRM Data\Database”. 

Additional notes: 
The database folders can be stored in a different folder than Windows Client software. 
In fact, it is recommended that they should be stored in a different folder. 
The default paths for the Windows Client installation and database folders from the installation process clearly suggests that. 
The default WC installation paths are: 
Software: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\BrightStor SRM 
Local Database: C:\BrightStor SRM Data\Database 
Central Database: C:\BrightStor SRM Data\Central 

See following note in chapter "Windows Client" at link - 

The Windows Client uses Central and Database folders and sub-folders. Users are required to be granted with full control to these folders to operate the Windows Client correctly. This full control is required to be granted to the user ID regardless of folders are on a local machine or on a server. The Windows Client Scheduler also has access requirements, for more information see the topic Windows Client Scheduler Access Rights and Authorities.  
Apply read-write access (Full control in Windows) to directory “..\BrightStor SRM Data\Database” and all files and sub-folders under it.