CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) Licensing Issues and Answers

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Last Modified Date : 19/04/2018
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Answers to common questions on licensing issues, errors, installation and administration/management.


A Step to Step Guide on How to apply UIM License keys is located here:KB000071940 (previously published as TEC1008188): How to apply CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) License keys



What happens to CA UIM when the licenses expire?

‘Non-valid’ licenses Notification
When logging in to Infrastructure Manager, the system automatically searches for expired licenses. If missing licenses are found, you will get an alarm or a notification from the IM like the one shown below:





For the hub license, you will receive hub license alarms several days before UIM Services stop.  If it's for a specific probe, you will receive alarms about the license expiration before the probe stops working.

The Hub maintains a license system used by all of the Robots connected to the specific Hub. An invalid license causes the message flow from the Hub to its subscribers (mostly service probes) to stop. It will also stop the various Robot spoolers from uploading their messages as long as the license key is invalid. In short, NMS stops working!

Below is an example of a Hub license expiration alarm message:
“Hub license will expire in XX days"





A probe will keep on running after it has expired, until it's restarted, then you will receive an alarm in the alarm console.

Probes can keep collecting QoS data until you get a new probe license and apply it.
Data processing (data_engine)

The data_engine will stop working/inserting QoS data if your SLM-QOS license is invalid.

Here is an example of the alarm text sent when a probe does not start due to a license problem:
"Probe 'exchange_monitor' FAILED to start, the license has expired"


Infrastructure Manager ‘Licenses Expired’ popup messages

If you are not officially licensed for specific probes showing as expired in the License popup window, you can simply delete any unwanted licenses to avoid the License popup window and refresh of the IM, but DO NOT DELETE core licenses such as SLM-QOS, SLM-SLA, SLM-GUI licenses.

To delete unwanted probe licenses, select the licenses in the Infrastructure Manager navigation window on the left-side of the Infrastructure Manager (IM).

1.    Expand the Archive
2.    Select the Licenses icon (gold lock) under the Archive
3.    Select one or more licenses using the SHIFT key
4.    Rt-click to delete the selected licenses. You will be prompted, "Are you sure you want to delete
       selected license(s)?"
5.    Click Yes to delete


License Administration/Management

All licenses should be renewed when maintenance has been renewed, or 7 days before the licenses expire. If you have not received current licenses, you can open a Support case via the Customer Portal and choose the "License Question" component so that it will be routed to the Support Portal and Licensing Group.


When does Support engage the Licensing Group?

a)    When the license is not working and UIM Support validated it's not working e.g., you received a ‘bad’ license with a malformed key.

b)    When SLM QOS limits are exceeded – in this case UIM Support sends the case to the licensing group so they can manage the case and generate and send a new/proper license to the customer.


Examples of license strings are listed below:


NimBUS License
license = nimbus-v1.0/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1000/1-jul-2008/TUG HOLT BILK SLOW FARM BOUT

The hub license key is built based on the following fields:

Licenses in use:
The number of robots currently connected to the Hub, and the number of robots the license allows.

Expire date
The date the UIM license expires. Asterisk (*) means an unlimited license.

Note that you only enter the string into the Hub GUI Modify window, not the license = portion, e.g.,
nimbus-v1.0/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1000/1-jul-2008/TUG HOLT BILK SLOW FARM BOUT


SLM-SLA/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1/1-jul-2008/BANE SKY AGEE DEE SAC CANE
SLM-QOS/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/100000/1-jul-2008/ETC TIN BELA LIFT ARTS MESH
SLM-WWW/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/2/1-jul-2008/OINT CHOW SETS ABLE FULL GASH


SLM-GUI/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/100/1-jul-2008/VEND ONUS FUNK MOLT GAIN SHOE
entconsole_development/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/100/1-jul-2008/DRAM SINE LORE RIFT TONE AIRY
entconsole/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/100/1-jul-2008/BIG SAN TOG DRAM CADY A
entconsole_webview/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/100/1-jul-2008/RICE HAY HAM BABE WING TWIT


e2e_appmon_dev/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1/1-jul-2008/FIT PEP OMEN PIT COY TIP
emailgtw/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1/1-jul-2008/MESH OS READ FREE TAKE HAN
email_response/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1/1-jul-2008/VALE WONT GUST LIAR CHEW SIGN
exchange_monitor/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1/1-jul-2008/DOOR HECK FAST BALE IVAN SAL
exchange_response/XYZ Solutions, Inc./*/1/1-jul-2008/JOHN HOOD HAL GAY LILA DULL

License checking

Distribution Server (distsrv probe)

Any probe requiring a license will be checked against a valid license. If the hub under which that probe exists does not have a distsrv, the license check will crawl to other hub(s) until it finds a hub with a distsrv probe. If the local hub to which the robot with licensed probe is attached has the distsrv, then the license query will be checked and satisfied locally - irrespective of its failure or success.

If the local distsrv does not have a valid license, then the license query will not go any further and the probe will be stopped by the controller.

If the distsrv probe resides on each hub, then you will need to add a Forwarding record on the main hub for Licenses so that licenses will be synced to all hubs and all license queries will be satisfied locally on each remote hub. Robot licenses are different - they are applied manually and reside on the hub. 


Determining License Usage and Count

You can select the Licenses icon when you’re logged in to the UIM Infrastructure Manager and see the licenses you have as well as their expiration dates. You can also check license numbers/in use, e.g., ‘x of y’ being used when you open the hub probe on your primary hub and under the General Tab you can see the licenses. License information.



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