CA UIM - Not Receiving Clear Alarms for the vmware Probe

Document ID : KB000095683
Last Modified Date : 17/09/2018
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No Clear Alarms received from the vmware probe?

The probe has been configured using the bulk configuration method / UMP Metrics template, we are monitoring QOS_VMWARE_DATASTORE_ACCESSIBLE. We've configured a High Operator and Low Operator, when the Datastore is down (not accessible) we do receive the Major Alarm as expected however, we do not receive a Clear Alarm when the Datastore is accessible again. 

Currently settings is: 

LOW OPERATOR = 1(Powered ON) 
Low threshold = True 
Low Message name = MonitorInfo 
UIM 8.51
VMWARE 6.87 
If accessible = false, there is a high threshold defined with a high message 'monitorError' and if accessible = true, there is a low threshold defined with a low message 'monitorInfo' - This configuration will always generate an alarm, an error alarm if the Datatore is not accessible and an info alarm if it is accessible. Alarms are cleared only when none of the thresholds are violated. In this case this condition will never happen. 

If you want the alarms to be cleared whenever the Datastore is accessible, disable the low threshold. Ideally for all boolean type of QOS values there should be only one threshold defined, unless we want alarms to be generated for both states.
Additional Information:
VMWare forwarded events and alarms are not cleared. This is as implemented, and adding the capability to clear those alarms would be an enhancement request that product management would need to accept and prioritize. The difference here is between alarms created by uim, and alarms forwarded from vmware.