CA UIM - You must login to the appropriate domain to access the probe.

Document ID : KB000115449
Last Modified Date : 20/09/2018
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I deployed Robots / Agents to servers on the DMZ Tunnel Server, the deployment was successful however I am now having issues deploying probes or accessing the Controller from IM. 

I receive the following error: "You must login to the appropriate domain to access the probe."
There could be a number of causes for this issue, please try the following steps: 

1. Open the robot.cfg on one of the new robots in question, check the domain name specified is correct. If not, stop the robot service, adjust the domain name and then restart the robot. 

- If the above does not resolve the issue, proceed with the below steps: 

2. Stop the nimsoft service on the tunnel server hub in question (which you referred to as DMZ). 
- Open the robot.cfg and set "local_ip_validation" to no. 

NOTE: Do not restart the service yet. 

3. Open the hub.cfg of the tunnel server hub in question. 
- Set "ignore_ip" to yes. 

4. Now restart the nimsoft service and re test the issue.