CA TPX abended with S212-00 generating a dump

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA TPX abended with S212-00 generating a dump. 


The dump is actually from a preceding abend S0F4 which should be reviewed for the root cause of the problem.

In this particular situation, IBM reviewed the S0F4 dump and identified that the data set that caused the abend was the TPX LOADLIB.  Further analysis identified that improper library maintenance caused overlay of the loadlib and once it was restored no further abends occurred.


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Explanation: An error occurred during the processing of SVC 18; the error could not be attributed to incorrect user input. This system completion code is accompanied by message IEC909I. Refer to the explanation of message IEC909I for complete information about the task that was ended and for an explanation of the return code in register 15.

System action: Message IEC909I is issued indicating whether a dump was taken to the SYS1.DUMP data set.

System programmer response: If the error recurs and the program is not in error, look at the messages in the job log for more information. Search problem reporting data bases for a fix for the problem. If no fix exists, contact the IBM Support Center. Provide the JCL, the program listing for the job, and the logrec data set error record.

Programmer response: Make sure that the BLDL or FIND macro instruction is correctly coded, and that the parameter list and control blocks involved are not modified by your program during the processing of SVC 18. The SMS return and reason codes caused BLDL to initiate the 212 ABEND while processing a PDSE. If error return codes from SMS were not the cause of the abend, these fields will contain the characters 'N/A'.

For rc 00:  No dump was taken and no software record was written by BLDL. An X'0F4' abend preceded this X'212' abend and resulted in an SVC dump. The dump contains the values in the SMSRC and SMSRS fields of this IEC909I message as the return and reason codes in the dump title.



Explanation: An error was detected by some system components. The ABEND reason code (in register 15) is the service return code. The service reason code is in register 0 and its first byte can be used to aid in identifying the reporting component:

  • X'04' - IGWSPZAP
  • X'71' - CICS VR Logger
  • X'77' - CICS VR Logger
  • X'83' - Program Management Binder
  • In most other cases, DFSMSdfp is the source

System action: Most commonly, recovery routines retry to allow the failing module to return to its caller. If DFSMS or CICS VR Logger issued the abend,an SVC dump will usually have been taken. A failure in the binder will ordinarily produce an extensive snap dump if an IEWDUMP DD has been allocated. Failure information for IGWSPZAP can be captured through one of the following: 


System programmer response: See the problem determination information for this abend. In some cases a SLIP trap on 0F4 may catch a situation from which the system will be able to recover completely. The SLIP 0F4 should be ignored in these cases if there are no other symptoms of a problem.

Programmer response: System error. Rerun the job providing any diagnostic DD indicated above under System Action.

Problem determination: If the error recurs and the program is not in error, look for a logrec record related to this abend. In the logrec record, look for the abend return and reason codes. See z/OS DFSMSdfp Diagnosis for a description of the return and reason codes. If none found, search problem reporting data bases for a fix for the problem. If no fix exists, contact the IBM Support Center. Provide the JCL, the SYSOUT output for the job, and the logrec data set error record.