CA Top Secret Equivalent Of IBM FACILITY Class For WLM

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading to z/OS V2.2, when invoking Workload Manager (WLM) using the ISPF menu and trying to read the existing definition from the WLM Couple Dataset, the following error occurs: 

Access was denied to the WLM couple data set.The UserID does not have proper access to MVSADMIN.WLM.POLICY in the FACILITY class.See MVS Planning: Workload Management for more information. (IWMAM051) 

The manual explains how to set the profile up using RACF. Can you please provide the instructions for doing this with CA Top Secret?


The CA Top Secret equivalent of the RACF FACILITY class is IBMFAC. So to permit this in CA Top Secret: 


First issue TSS WHOOWNS IBMFAC(MVSADMIN) to see if this is already owned. If not owned, issue:


where 'dept' is the department acid you want to own the resource. 

NOTE: (IBMFAC only allows a max of 8 characters in the TSS ADD command.) 


Once owned, permit it via: 



'acid' is the user's acid, an attached profile, or the ALL record if all users should have access. 

'acc' is the access level required to read the existing definition from the WLM Couple Dataset.