CA TLMS : DFHSM HMIG HRECALL abend IEC151I A13-10 and A13-18 in IFG0195H and IFG0195D

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Last Modified Date : 14/06/2018
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CA TLMS and IBM DFHSM can run in a Sysplex of more lpars with different Z/OS levels. 
CA TLMS will share its VMF/RMF files in the Sysplex, so it is mandatory to apply all the necessary GA PTFs we provide in our SupportOnline z/OS Compatibility Matrix for the product.
At the same way also DFHSM will share its CDS files in this same Sysplex (HSMplex).

It can happen that, in a Sysplex of different lpars, where one of them has been iplled with Z/OS 2.3 and the others are still in  Z/OS  2.2 and 2.1, the IBM DFHSM HMIG and HRECALL functions working on tapes, immediately after the Z/OS 2.3 IPL, abnormally end on the lpars in Z/OS 2.2 and 2.1, with the following messages : 

IEC151I A13-10 IFG0195H
IEC151I A13-18 IFG0195D 

while the IBM DFHSM RECYCLE operation correctly works with tapes.

Is this abend caused by CA TLMS product and  how to solve it ?

If all the CA TLMS GA PTFs provided in our SupportOnline z/OS Compatibility Matrix for the product are applied and CA TLMS correctly works in the Sysplex, then it is necessary to verify if also IBM DFHSM should have a specific maintenance applied to share its CDS files in a Sysplex of different lpars with Z/OS 2.3 - 2.2 - 2.1.
Here are the IBM PTFs that should be applied with this HSMplex: 

APAR= OA54628 
R210 PSY UA95594 UP18/03/28 
R220 PSY UA95595 UP18/03/28 
R230 PSY UA95593 UP18/03/28 

APAR= OA54677 
R210 PSY UA95255 UP18/02/27
R220 PSY UA95256 UP18/02/27  
R230 PSY UA95254 UP18/02/27 

APAR= OA52901 
R230 PSY UA94825 UP17/12/30 
R220 PSY UA94845 UP18/01/05  

APAR= OA55156
R230 PSY UA95725 UP18/04/17 
R220 PSY UA95728 UP18/04/17  

R210 PSY UA94668 UP18/01/05 
R220 PSY UA94669 UP18/01/05 
R230 PSY UA94667 UP17/12/30 

If also after these IBM PTFs applied, the abend still occurs, Please open a Case with CA Support and also a PMR with IBM.