CA TDM Portal 4.6 PII Column Classifier Type does not return hits

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Last Modified Date : 18/09/2018
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I found that the PII scan of a column name does not work if there is no data into the table or column. I create a table with a DOB name of a column name and I use this configuration for the classifier :

 "name": "Birth Date", 
 "description": "Birth Date", 
 "classifierOrigin": "CA Technologies", 
 "classifierClass": "", 
 "classifierType": "column", 
 "tags": "Birth Date", 
 "config": [ 
    "name": "BirthDate", 
    "value": ".*(?:Bi?rth?.*Da?t?e|Da?te.*Bi?rth|Bi?rthda?y).*" 
    "name": "DoB", 
    "value": "(?:.*[^a-z]|^)dob(?:[^a-z].*|$)" 
    "groupName": "Birth Date", 
    "functionName": "HASHDOB", 
    "displayName": "Hashed Date", 
    "notes": "The HASHDOB function hashes a date, keeping the original age." 

Is this normal that when there is no data we don't get a hit's on a column name?
This is a defect. When using the classifierType of "column" the PII Scan should apply the column titles in the PII scan, which does not seem to be working as designed.
Engineering has created a patched release of TDM Portal that addresses this defect, and now when using the classifierType of "column", the PII scan will find the column titles identified as part of PII regardless of whether the table contains data or not. This issue is resolved in "TDMWeb-". If you need a copy of the patched release of Portal, please open a case with support requesting the fix.
Additional Information:
For more information regarding PII Auditing in TDM Portal see "Create a Data Model and Audit PII Data"