CA SystemEDGE UNIX Uninstall / Removal and LSM Installer

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Last Modified Date : 04/01/2019
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How to uninstall SystemEDGE and LSM from a UNIX/Linux system.


SystemEDGE 5.x on UNIX/Linux.

This document does NOT apply to any version prior to 5.x as those early versions used different install/uninstall methods.



Proper removal of SystemEDGE can be performed one of two ways, as noted within the bookshelf documentation.

The uninstaller removes SystemEDGE or the AIMs from your system. You can specify for SystemEDGE whether to remove the configuration data from the data directory.

Consider the following dependencies when you uninstall:

  • The SRM AIM depends on Advanced Encryption and SystemEDGE.
  • Advanced Encryption depends on SystemEDGE.

 Based on these dependencies, the uninstallation sequence is as follows:

  1. SRM AIM
  2. Advanced Encryption
  3. SystemEDGE Core

The uninstallation is not possible if you use any other sequence. It case of removing components that were originally installed through Remote Deployment, Idprimer and CAM are not uninstalled.


Option 1 - uninstall the agent or an AIM on UNIX/Linux using

Open a terminal console and log in as root (or su/sudo as appropriate).

  1. Change to the DVD2/Installers/<Platform>/Agent/SysMan directory. It contains the following sub-directories:
    • CA_SystemEDGE_SRM
    • CA_SystemEDGE_AdvancedEncryption
    • CA_SystemEDGE_Core
  2. Change to the appropriate directory and run the following command:
    sh -x


Option 2 - uninstall the agent or an AIM on UNIX using the lsm command

Open a terminal console and log in as root (su).

  1. Run the appropriate command from the following list:
    lsm -e CA_SystemEDGE_SRM -s
    lsm -e CA_SystemEDGE_AdvancedEncryption -s
    lsm -e CA_SystemEDGE_Core -s

* Note the above lsm command will run a "silent" uninstall


Additional Information:

Manual Removal

If one encounters problems uninstalling, or reinstalling the SystemEDGE agent, review document TEC599094 for details on how to clean up any remnant components.


Shared Components

The SharedComponents directory contains software used by numerous CA-Products (for example CAM). Removing SystemEDGE_Core will not remove CAM should other CA software on the system require it (for example CA Client Automation/ITCM). If there is no other Dependent product meaning SystemEDGE exists on its own with no other CA-Products it will remove CAM along with SystemEDGE.


LSM Background

LSM Is the CA Universal Installer. What this adds is the flexibility to use a single package and command line packager on all UNIX/Linux Operating Systems, instead of using the OS specific package management system (for example RPM on Linux). LSM is used by the installation scripts as a called method to perform the install behind the scenes. It is also used to maintain the packages and dependencies within its own datastore (similar to OS specific package management systems). It can be used to query the packages (lsm -l) or remove the packages (lsm -e).

When all LSM installed software is being removed, the LSM packager will also be removed after the last package as been successfully uninstalled.


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