CA Spool EAV Support

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What are the requirements for CA Spool to support EAV?

An Extended Address Volume (EAV) is a volume with more than 65520 cylinders.
The Extended Addressing Space (EAS) is the area on an EAV located beyond the first 65,535 cylinders.
The EATTR parameter can be used when you allocate a new data set on an EAV to indicate that the data set can reside in the Extended Addressing Space on anEAV.


  • With CA Spool r11.7 the checkpoint and spool datasets support EAS and may be allocated on extended address volumes (EAV).
    The Checkpoint and SPOOLDS files can be allocated on a 3390-A device with EATTR=OPT and DSNTYPE=LARGE.
    Also BUFSIZE=27998 is recommended in the ESFPARM.
  • With the CA Spool C Transformers, the A2PCFCOR file must be allocated with EATTR=NO if it resides on a EAV volume.
  • The CA Spool Java Transformers support the EAS datasets with the following requirements:
    1. The STDENV file with the Java FSS must be customized to have the JAVA_HOME variable point to Java Edition V7 Release 0 or higher.
  • The *.d2esys file in the xenos/config directory must include the following statements:
    <ioUtility>                             <zosIoOptions ioLibrary="JZOS"/></ioUtility>
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