CA Spectrum ReportManger Landscape backup appears to hang - how to stop?

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Last Modified Date : 04/07/2018
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Using the OC-weblogon - Administration - ReportManger dialog - and then to Backup a  Landscape appears to hang.
So even wait for hours it does not complete. How to stop this?

This is an embedded backup functionality in CA Spectrum OC-weblogon / Web-Services. 
This functionality is the same for all support  CA Spectrum platforms for Release R10.++
The "backup" action is directly addressed by a mysql-service job on the OC/SRM-host. 
So doing a logon to the OC/SRM-host mysql service will show this "backup" job. 

To logon to the CA Spectrum mysql-service - go per Spectrum install owner via "bash -login"/or shell - to $SPECROOT/mysql/bin directory.
Here to logon to the mysql service per command:
./mysql[.exe] --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -proot

This brings you to the mysql interpreter / cmd-line: Here to run then:   show full processlist;

The process-list output will cover the "job" - find a line similar to this here:
| 4178 | OC_user | localhost:64295 | reporting | Query | 4 57 | Sending data | INSERT IGNORE INTO reporting_20180703171617_4194304000.mode outage SELECT reporting.modeloutage.* FROM reporting.modeloutage WHERE reportin .modeloutage.landscape_h=4194304000 | | 

The process-list output show this "backup" job is registered by process number 4178 - so just kill it per command:    kill 4178;

When going back to the OC-weblogon / Administration / ReportManager - backup dialog you then see: 

[2018-07-03 03:53:04 PM] Populating table landscape

[2018-07-03 03:53:04 PM] An error occurred while backing up the database: null

[2018-07-03 03:53:04 PM] Resuming the listening of landscape 0x 1000000

Operation is complete

At this time the backup is stopped.