CA Spectrum Events 0x03b10039 and 0x03b1003a display no data for varbinds

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The jnxBgpM2Established trap event id 0x03b10039 and jnxBgpM2BackwardTransition trap event id 0x03b1003a are displaying no data for the varbinds. The following is an example of the event logged for a jnxBgpM2BackwardTransition trap:

     A "jnxBgpM2BackwardTransition" event has occurred, from JuniperJUNOSRtr device, named Juniper.
     The BGPBackwardTransition Event is generated when the BGP FSM moves 
     from a higher numbered state to a lower numbered state.
     jnxBgpM2PeerLocalAddrType =
     jnxBgpM2PeerLocalAddr =
     jnxBgpM2PeerRemoteAddrType =
     jnxBgpM2PeerRemoteAddr =
     jnxBgpM2PeerLastErrorReceived =
     jnxBgpM2PeerLastErrorReceivedText =
     jnxBgpM2PeerState =


The root cause of the AlertMap file that defines these traps in Spectrum is incorrect for the varbind information. To correct this issue, add the following to the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/AlertMap file on all SpectroSERVER systems:

     # jnxBgpM2Established # jnxBgpM2PeerLocalAddrType 0x03b10039,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerLocalAddr,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerRemoteAddrType,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerRemoteAddr,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerLastErrorReceived,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerState,0)
     # jnxBgpM2BackwardTransition # jnxBgpM2PeerLocalAddrType 0x03b1003a,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerLocalAddr,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerRemoteAddrType,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerRemoteAddr,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerLastErrorReceived,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerLastErrorReceivedText,0)\
     # jnxBgpM2PeerState,0)

After adding the above to the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/AlertMap file on all of the SpectroSERVER systems, update the Event Configuration for each landscape by doing the following:

  1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user.

  2. Find and select the VNM model for the landscape

  3. Click on the Information tab in the Component Detail panel

  4. Find and expand the SpectroSERVER Control subview

  5. Click on the Update Event Configuration button

This issue will be addressed in a future release of Spectrum.