CA SPECTRUM Event 0x210d53 displays garbage/junk characters for bgpPeerLastError varbind

Document ID : KB000017401
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The cbgpFsmStateChange trap event id 0x00210d53 is displaying garbage/junk characters for the bgpPeerLastError varbind.

Figure 1


The bgpPeerLastError object is two byte OCTET STRING and it is incorrectly configured in Spectrum Event Format File. To correct this issue, change the following on all OneClick systems:

  1. Copy the $SPECROOT/SG-Support/CsEvFormat/Event00210d53_en_US file to $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsEvFormat/ directory.

  2. Edit the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsEvFormat/Event00210d53_en_US file and change as follow:


    bgpPeerLastError = {S 1}


    bgpPeerLastError = {o 1}

  3. Save the file.

  4. Dynamically update Event and Alarm files by clicking on the Reload button of "Update Event and Alarm Files" item in OneClick Administration web page.

Event Configuration wizard is another way to make the change.

Figure 2