CA Spectrum Alarm SeverityMap file not working correctly when 3 or more characters in the varbind value column (column 1)

Document ID : KB000056540
Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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CA Spectrum SeverityMap file entries with 3 or more characters in the varbind value column (column 1) are not working properly. In the following example, entries 0, 1, 2 and 99 will work fine but entry 100 will not:


0 0

1 3

2 2

99 1

100 2


Spectrum treats the entries in the SeverityMap files as regular expressions
In order to match the varbind value to a unique entry in the SeverityMap file, we need to use word boundary characters “\b” around the varbind value in column 1 for the entries that have 3 characters or more. This has to be done with a text editor as the Event Configuration tool will not add these boundary characters. The following is an example:

\b0\b 0
\b1\b 3
\b2\b 2
\b99\b 1

\b100\b 2
\b101\b 4
\b102\b 5
\b103\b 2

Please note that you do not need to add boundary characters to the entries in column 1 that have less than 3 characters. 
Additional Information:
Please reference the "Configuration Alarm Severity Mappings for the Conditional Severity Level" section of the documentation for more information.