CA Spectrum Alarm Notifier application connecting to the wrong Landscape

Document ID : KB000056588
Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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In a Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment, after running the SANM -> All Applications Locator Search, an AlarmNotifier Application has the incorrect Landscape listed in the Landscape column. For example, that particular AlarmNotifier Application is running on Landscape "A" but the Landscape listed in the Landscape column is Landscape "B".


    This can occur in a DSS environment where an AlarmNotifier Application was originally running on Landscape "A" but was moved to Landscape "B". When moved to Landscape "B", the AlarmNotifier files for that AlarmNotifier Application running on Landscape "A" are copied to Landscape "B" including the .alarmrc file. The .alarmrc file contains the "LANDSCAPE" parameter which specifies the Landscape Handle of the SpectroSERVER system to connect to. The copied .alarmrc file still contains a LANDSCAPE parameter that points to he model handle of Landscape "A".


    Since AlarmNotifier Application is a Spectrum client that can connect to all landscapes in the DSS, it is not a critical issue that the AlarmNotifier Application list the Landscape it is running on in the Landscape column of the SANM -> All Applications Locator Search. However, to correct the issue:

    1. Stop the current running AlarmNotifier Application
    2. Change the .alarmrc file to point to the correct LANDSCAPE
    3. Find and destroy the AlarmNotifier Application model
    4. Restart the AlarmNotifier Application. A new AlarmNotifier Application model will be created.
    5. Run the SANM -> All Applications Locator Search. You should not see the correct landscape listed in the Landscape column
    6. Re-associate the AlarmNotifier Application to the Policy