CA Spectrum 9.4.1 installation information

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Spectrum 9.4.1 installation information:

The 9.4.1 release is not a full install which means that base product CA Spectrum 9.4.0 is required to be installed first.

Which means:

If you are currently running 9.2.0 with hotfix H01 through H07, you MUST install at least 9.2.2 (hotfix H08).  You can install hotfix H12 without installing Hotfix H08.  Once you have EITHER hotfix H08 or hotfix H12 installed, you can then install 9.4.0 and then install 9.4.1.*

If you are currently running 9.2.0 with hotfix H08 through H12, you can install 9.4.0, and then you can install 9.4.1.*

*Please keep in mind that the 9.4.0 base install runs the conversion to support the UTF-8 encoding (if you are migrating from 9.2.x).  Please read the questions and answers below from the 9.4 FAQ for further information.

If you are currently running 9.3.0 or 9.3.0 with hotfix H01 or H02, you can install 9.4.0 and then you can install 9.4.1.


9.4.1 is supported on the same operating systems as 9.4 (ie.  Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Solaris 10, Solaris 11, Linux 5, and Linux 6)

9.4.1 does not have any further updates to CABI for Spectrum Report Manager.  The same requirements/information that was made available for 9.4.0 applies to 9.4.1.  Please read the questions and answers below from the 9.4 FAQ for further information.


Q.  What prior CA Spectrum versions are 9.4 upgrades supported on?


A.  9.4 only supports upgrades starting with Release 9.2.2 (H08). To upgrade from CA Spectrum 9.1 or an earlier version, you must be at CA Spectrum 9.2.0 or later before starting the upgrade to Release 9.2.2. And then you can upgrade again, to Release 9.4. If you are on a version later than 9.2.2 (ie 9.2.3 H12 or 9.3 H01) you do not need to install any other patches. You can run the 9.4 install. Keep in mind that any upgrade from a prior 9.3 release will need to be converted to support the UTF-8 encoding so the install will take longer. 


Q.  Are there any special considerations I should note before installing 9.4?

A.  Yes, but only if you are upgrading from a CA Spectrum release that is before 9.3.  The reason is that the considerations are the same as they were for CA Spectrum release 9.3:

·         CA Spectrum Release 9.4 and 9.3 use the UTF-8 encoding in all databases (SpectroSERVER, Archive Manager, Report Manager)

·         CA Spectrum deployments before release 9.3 use other encodings

·         Conversion of databases of those deployments to UTF-8 is mandatory during an upgrade or migration

·         During upgrade or migration, if you select to install Report Manager, it is converted to UTF-8 once the Tomcat service is started

·         Report Manager is unavailable until the conversion finishes

·         While upgrading from CA Spectrum 9.2.x, you must specify the character set encoding that your system is currently using.

·         The installer prompts you for this information so that it can automatically convert your SpectroSERVER, DDM, and Spectrum Report Manager databases


·         Take note that installation times may drastically increase if you have created custom event and alarm files due to the UTF-8 conversation. There is a process to run this conversion prior to installing 9.4.  Please refer to TEC612426


Q.  Is there anything I should know about upgrading from Spectrum 9.2.x to 9.4 regarding Report Manager?


A.  This also applies to Spectrum 9.3, however the Report Manager database table engines are converted from MyISAM to InnoDB. This process can take a while and starts happening when you start Spectrum Tomcat for the first time. The tomcat log will contain details around where we are at in the process but will not give a timeline on when it will finish. The tomcat log is located in $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs (stdout.log on Windows and catalina.out on *nix) 


Q.  Do I have to upgrade CABI to 3.3 SP1 if I’m already running 3.2?


A.   CA highly recommends upgrading your version of CA Business Intelligence to get added features, bug fixes, and security fixes. While CABI 3.2 will work, CA Support may suggest upgrading CABI to resolve potential issues.