CA Spectrum 9.4.1 - How Top Impacting Outages are calculated

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Top Impacting Outages

The Top Impacting Outages in your infrastructure are calculated based on the Impact Count or the Impact Weight. Peak Impact Count is the maximum number of devices, weighted with their individual criticality values that were unreachable because of the outage. Impact Weight is calculated by multiplying the Impact Count with the outage duration. Thus it gives a true indication of the impact of the outage by taking into account not only the Impact Count but also the outage duration.

Note:This feature uses data from Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) and requires SRM to be installed and running.

Calculating the Peak Impact Count and Impact Weight

The following example describes the calculation process of Peak Impact Count and Impact Weight.

Example: If three devices A, B and C are connected as follows



                              /            \

                          B                   C


Suppose device A goes down causing the device B and C to be unreachable, and Spectrum detects device A as the root cause of the failure, and the failure condition is cleared in 30 minutes.


In this case: 

Outage duration = 30 minutes 

Peak impact count = 3 

Impact weight = 3 x 30 = 90 minutes


Now, if an outage in device B is 10 times more expensive than a standard device, you can modify the Criticality of B to 10.


In this case:

Outage duration = 30 minutes

Peak impact count = 12 (B is now counted as 10)

Impact weight = 12 x 30 = 360


By default every device will have an impact count of 1.  If a device is considered to be more important than others and

should have a higher impact count you can modify the criticality of those devices as follows:


From the OneClick console select the device in question -> From the Components Detail pane select the 'Attributes'

tab and filter for 'Criticality'.  You can then set the 'Criticality' attribute to the desired value.