CA SpectroSERVER crashing out of memory when integrated with SOI

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ISSUE: SpectroSERVER crashing out of memory when integrated with SOI


ROOT CAUSE: There is a memory leak in the code for the SOI integration.  When the SOI connector is started and data is passed, the CA SpectroSERVER process starts utilizing memory and will not stop unless the SOI connector is stopped. 


RESOLUTION: Please call the CA Spectrum Support department and request the Spectrum D760a patch to resolve this issue.



 This patch contains potential fix for Spectrum going out of memory when SOI connector is enabled problem.

 (319436  21854042)

This is also resolved in 9.3 and above:

  • Symptom: The Spectrum Catalyst (SOI) connector can expose a memory-related defect in the SpectroSERVER causing one of the two following symptoms:
  • 1. If using the MTS version of the SpectroSERVER executable (default as of 9.2.2), , error messages like the one below is produced: ? mts free: (mts_page_gap::Vfree_memory) heap 1 out of bound address 0x1 on page nil (out of bound)
  • 2. If using the non-MTS version of the SpectroSERVER executable, the SpectroSERVER process will crash.
    Resolution: Fixed the memory-related coding flaw, preventing the problem from occurring.
    (9.3.0, 185136, 21315070-1)