CA Service Catalog(SC) Login not possible/not working.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Service Catalog(SC) Login not possible/not working.

After hitting the Login button, the login does not proceed/keeps spinning in the browser.


Windows running SC R12.9 and/or SC R14.1

First check whether all relevant services are up abd running:

1. SC Services

2. EEM Services

3. When EEM is configured for LDAP, EEm is connected to (all) LDAP server(s)


Then check the view.log for the following error:

ERROR [http-8080-33] [DomProcessor] Error Generating Document javax.xml.transform.TransformerException:



 D:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\view\webapps\usm\locale\icsesv\includes_shared.xml

 (The system cannot find the file specified) 




- Stop the SC service(s)

- Copy the complete 'language' (in this example icsesv) folder from another working server onto the server in error

- Start the SC service 

- Check the SC-login is working 


Additional Information:

The above shows for the Swedish language. 

However, the same goes for any other language you are working with.