CA Service catalog patch post installation issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Required Post installation steps after implementation of patch as per readme will result in an error. The most likely root cause of this error being, CA EEM being installed on a different machine than Catalog server. 


How to update the EEM server post patch installation?

CA Service Catalog R12.9,CA Service Catalog R14.1

1. Copy the file usm_create_additional_application_data.xml to EEM Server machine and place it in some folder

2. Open command prompt

3. Go to EEM installed folder path e.g.: C:\Program Files\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\bin

4. Run the following command

safex -h <EEM_HOST> -u EiamAdmin –p <EEM_ADMIN_PASSWORD> -f <path>\usm_create_additional_application_data.xml

5. Now, login to the EEM UI choosing the Service Catalog application name, and click on Configure > Session >Synchronize Cache

6. Restart CA Service Catalog

7. Delete browser cache

Additional Information:

NOTE: In case if you face an error while running the SAFEX command such as ‘ETPKI home is not set’, then follow the steps mentioned in the above document. Also before continuing the above steps you should have completed Microsoft SQL Server/ Oracle Server update by now using the provided scripts.

*Open %USM_HOME%\view\scripts\EIAM\Safex\usm_create_additional_application_data.xml, and update the label value (__EIAMAPPNAME__) of the Attach XML tag with actual EEM application name. The actual EEM application name can be found in %USM_HOME%\, i.e. the value of eiam.application.

*After update copy the file onto the EEM server to desired location.