CA SAM: ERROR:utf8_bytelength is not executable

Document ID : KB000006698
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After performing of the CA SAM application this error is generated in the Check Installtion afterwards.

---db stored routines:  failed  Error:utf8_bytelegnth is not executable


Permissions of user handling the upgrade are not sufficient.

The CA SAM user is missing the execute permission for the user defined function 'utf8_bytelength'.




You can run the EXECUTE permission check yourself on the server:

FROM    fn_my_permissions(N'utf8_bytelength', 'OBJECT')
WHERE   permission_name = N'EXECUTE';

When connected with the CA SAM user you will not get a result for this query.

You can also check the permission in the SQL Server Management Studio:

-> Databases
--> CA SAM db
---> Programmability
----> Functions
-----> Scalar-valued Functions
------> dbo.utf8_bytelength

-> Right click
-> Properties
-> Permissions (on the left)
-> click 'Search' (on the right)
-> Enter/Browse CA SAM db user

-> Check Explicit or Effective permissions for the EXECUTE permission

It *should* be an Effective permission. That's what it is after initially creating a CA
SAM instance.