CA PPM users did not receive Scheduled Report or Notifications one time

Document ID : KB000100549
Last Modified Date : 08/06/2018
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All users of one Advanced Reporting, Jaspersoft Scheduled Report, did not receive either the Report or the associated Notifications for one report run.

Previously, the report has performed correctly.

After, it was manually run and performed correctly.

What was the root cause?
CA PPM SaaS environment, any version.
If there is no obvious solution - such as the reports and notifications being caught in email spam filters, or obvious error message - then please log this through to CA Support if you require root cause analysis as soon as possible.

CA Support - Log new issue

This is because in a CA PPM SaaS environment, the required "jasperserver.log*" logs required for analysis, can wrap within 24 to 48 hours. 
Once these reports have wrapped, then no root cause investigation of these sources is possible.

This advice also applies to a CA PPM On-Premise solution, but clients usually have greater control over their logging and a longer period to extract useful data.

Please note that if the report has been confirmed to be successfully generated, but failed to be received by end users, then it is likely that investigation of the points between CA PPM and the end user may need to be investigated for the root cause, such as the network and supporting systems, and the email system.