CA PPM: Rate Matrix Extraction Job Performance

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Rate Matrix Extraction is a critical job in CA PPM in that it provides the breakout rates for a project-resource-task combination by date.



The runtime of the job can increase significantly and is influenced by several factors.
A. Rate Matrix Setup
B. Project/Task/Resource count
C. Database Issues


1. The first factor is how the live rate matrix is set up. The more columns that are added to the matrix, the more time is needed to insert records into the rate table: NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS

2. The second set of factors that influence the runtime of the Rate Matrix Extraction (RME) job is the number of projects, resources, tasks that exist in the system.
As the number of projects increase, so does  the number of resources assigned to tasks on the projects.
The following best practices can lower the job runtime, therefore forcing project managers to maintain projects:

a. Remove any rate matrices from Admin > Finance > Setup > Defaults > Project Transaction Entry Defaults
b. Remove any rate matrices from Admin > Finance > Setup > Entities, that are no longer used
c. Remove matrices from inactive investments
d. Deactivate and close out projects that are no longer relevant. 

3. The third factor is whether or not the database maintenance is being performed by the DBA team. 

Over time, database performance can suffer, causing one or more jobs to take longer to run due to a lack of maintenance. Once maintained, the performance can and will improve overall.




Additional Information: 
On the 'Rate Matrix Extraction' job page, what do the parameters 'Prepare Rate Matrix Data' and 'Update Rate Matrix Data' do? 
On the 'Rate Matrix Extraction' job page, what does the parameter 'Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler' do? 

If rates beyond the start and finish dates of the projects for OWB or MSP, then it can be unchecked. This should effectively reduce the runtime. 
Let us know if the runtime does reduce after unchecking it. There may not be a business need to get those rates for the schedulers.
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