CA PPM: One or more jobs are not running immediately or processing. They are stuck in the Waiting/Scheduled/Processing status.

Document ID : KB000003995
Last Modified Date : 24/05/2018
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The job scheduler will appear to have halted and it will not process any job(s) in the queue.


This is caused by the by a disruption in the job scheduler/background (BG) service due to a database refresh or CA PPM upgrade procedure
where the jobs were not paused and/or jobs were not allowed to complete, prior to the maintenance. 


In order to address the issue where jobs are not processing, please perform the following steps:

Step A

1. Go to Reports and Jobs > Jobs > Scheduled Jobs

a. Filter for Job Status = 'Waiting'
Select the 'Waiting' jobs and click the 'Pause' button.

b. Filter for Job Status = 'Scheduled'
Select the 'Scheduled' jobs and click the 'Pause' button.

2. Filter for Job Status = 'Cancelled'
Make a note of the schedule, as the job will need to be re-entered at a later time.
Delete all the 'Cancelled' instances of the following jobs:

-Time Slicing

-Post Timesheets

-Rate Matrix Extraction

-Investment Allocation

-Datamart Extraction/Datamart Rollup

-Load DWH

Step B
1.Run an immediate instance of the Time Slicing job.

a. If the Time Slicing job does go to the 'PROCESSING' state, allow the instance to complete. 

Proceed to Step C.

b. If this Time Slicing job instance does not go to the 'PROCESSING' state immediately, but instead goes into an indefinite 'WAITING' or 'SCHEDULED' state,
proceed to cancel and delete the instance.

Contact CA Support to troubleshoot further. Gather and attach the following files from all servers in the PPM cluster:



Step C
1. Select all the 'PAUSED' jobs and set them to 'Resume' to let it get back to the normal schedule.

2. Re-enter the previously cancelled jobs in Step A.

Additional Information: CA PPM Tech Tip: Prevent Job Scheduler Stalls