Project Does not Open in MSP Due to Duplicate Text3 Content

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Last Modified Date : 22/01/2019
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When exporting a project to Microsoft Project from within CA PPM, the project open stalls on 'Opening xml'.  Upon attempt to close MSP, the following error message may appear:  

No calculations can be performed now. 
There is a circular relationship in task <task name> of <project name>. The successors of this task refer back to this task or its predecessors, causing a circular reference. 
To remove the link that is causing the circular reference, select the two tasks that are causing the circular link, and then click Unlink Tasks on the Task tab. 
Tasks were incorrectly copied and pasted in MSP by selecting the entire task row to copy. This led to multiple tasks having the same content in the Text 3 column. The Text 3 column is automatically generated by the integration and is used to identify tasks from one another when mapping task information back and forth between PPM and MSP so it needs to be unique. 
The tasks having duplicate Text 3 content need to be corrected. This can be done either in MSP with Option 1 below or by simply deleting the problematic tasks in PPM. Once the tasks are corrected or deleted, the project will be able to open and load in MSP successfully. Note that a 'The last time you opened '<project_id.xml>', it caused a serious error. Do you still want to open it?' message will come up the first time that the project is exported in MSP after correcting/deleting the tasks. However, after selecting the 'Yes' option, the error should no longer appear any of the following times. 

Steps to identify tasks with duplicate Text 3 data: 

Option 1: 
1. From the Control Panel, uninstall the recent Microsoft Project updates until the latest Microsoft Project Update is KB4011679 (February 2018). This update allows the project to open in MSP despite the duplicate Text 3 data. 
2. Remove all existing project files (XML, MPP) from the local machine
3. Login to CA PPM, open the project in question, and export the project to MSP 
4. The project will open successfully with this February update
5. Add Text3 to the column view in MSP, and look for tasks with duplicate Text3 values
6. Delete the duplicate task(s) or the content in the Text 3 column on this task
7. If needed, the duplicate tasks can be recreated in MSP as long as the Text 3 column is not copied from another task. 
7. Save the project back to PPM. (At this point, the Microsoft  Project update that was installed previously can then be reinstalled. )

Option 2:
1. Find the project xml file under the local My Documents folder. This will have the same file name as the PPM project ID.
2. Open the xml file in Notepad++
3. Search for all of the instanced of the string: [28]UID=
4. This returns the Text 3 content of all the tasks on the project
5. Look for duplicate values in the search results
6. Find the tasks that are associated to this duplicate Text 3 content in the xml file
7. In PPM, unlock the project if if is locked and delete the duplicate task.
8. If needed, the duplicate tasks can be recreated in PPM. Alternatively, the project can be exported to MSP and created in MSP. 

Tip: Duplicates can be found by copying and pasting either the Text 3 content from MSP or from Notepad++ into Excel, then selecting the copied content, and from the Home tab, selecting Conditional Formatting - Highlight Cell Rules - Duplicate Values. 
Additional Information:
For the supported method of copying and pasting tasks when using MSP with PPM, see KB000010395.

For steps on how to enable the setting to generate the project xml, see KB000099202.