Clarity PPM: Mobile Time Manager Configuration (MTM)

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Last Modified Date : 13/08/2018
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Ready to use the Clarity PPM Mobile Time Manager App on your smartphone?

If so, please perform the following setup in order to start entering and approving timesheet hours on-the-go.

Download the mobile app from the either iTunes or Google Store by searching for: Clarity Mobile Time Manager


What needs to be setup?

### From the Clarity UI

1. Log in as a user having all administrative rights.

2. Create a group that will be using the MTM.

Go to Administration > Organization and Access > Groups > New > MTM_Test
a. Add the user(s).
b. Add the global right(Mobile – Access)

3. Check the LDAP authentication is being used.
a. Go to the Administration > Resources > select resource > Properties page.
b. Check that the field(External Authentication) is checkmarked.

4. Make sure the user is not set to 'Locked' or 'Inactive'

### On the Ondemand/SaaS Administration portal,
be sure to correctly set up the user from the Administration portal by setting the correct email/userid/password

### On the MTM app, verify the resource enters in the following fields correctly:

a. URL (Enter only the http(s)://ppm_servername)
b. Username
c. Password
This would be the same information used when accessing the Clarity from a browser.

If there are errors or issues are encountered at the login step, please check the resolution below.

Login failure: "Invalid user name or password"Make sure the username and/or password is entered correctly.
Login failure: "Not Authorized
You are not authorized to access this app"

Make sure the username has the (Mobile – Access) right.

Try removing/readding the resource from the group containing this right.

Needs Approval Tile:
Click > icon to view resource timesheet:
"This request requires user authentication"
The approver needs to have the instance right(Timesheet - Enter Time) for the resource.

This right does not imply the approver will be able edit the contents of a timesheet via the MTM and App UI. Only the ability to view the timesheet is provided.
Manager is able to see timesheets of resources they are not a manager of.The global right(Timesheets - Navigate) is required.

The global right(Timesheet - Approve All) has been given where only
the instance right(Timesheet - Approve Time) is needed.

The global right(Timesheets - Edit All ) can be given.
The option of instance right(Timesheet - Enter Time) can be given.
OnDemand/SaaS environment login issue


Confirm the URL being used. 
Confirm the username and password is the same as the OnDemand portal login.

The desktop version of CA PPM will work with SSO,however the CA PPM MTM is not SSO-aware.
Since the MTM itself is not SSO-aware, a separate username and password will need to be separate PPM-specific and it will not use the credentials used to log into the desktop version.
The user will have a separate portal username/password to access the mobile app.
When the MTM connects to an SSO-enabled environment such as CA PPM Ondemand OD, the MTM will prompt the id/password to be re-entered.
Steps to setup Mobile Time Manager access through the OnDemand Portal

Note: Starting in (Patch 1), the MTM now supports 3 methods of authentication:
1. PPM
2. SSO
3. OnDemand Portal



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