CA PPM: Jaspersoft reports error out upon selection

Document ID : KB000009025
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A popup containing the following error appears when trying to open a stock report via Home > Advanced Reporting > Library

2017-12-22 14:34:05,914 ERROR JaaSProxyJDBCPoolDataSourceFactoryHelper,http-nio-8080-exec-3:1237 [ppm1530_|admin] - JaaSProxyJDBCPoolDataSourceFactoryHelper.createService(){Tenant=ppm1530_,User=admin}-Error in decrypting attribute with name:ppmDBVendor_enc and value=JUu5JiTr/qCDDMDi837LWO4fkGEWkDr141r+L8a0ecA=::javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded

                at com.sun.crypto.provider.CipherCore.doFinal(

                at com.sun.crypto.provider.CipherCore.doFinal(

                at com.sun.crypto.provider.AESCipher.engineDoFinal(

                at javax.crypto.Cipher.doFinal(



This can be reproduced if
-the Jaspersoft server is not patched with the latest cumulative patch
-the import/export of content took place from the http://<server>:<port>/reportservice


1.Install the Jaspersoft cumulative patch.

a. Extract the contents of file: ca_ppm_jaspersoft_patch_6.2.1_5.
b. From the bin folder of the extracted content path, run the command: install interactive
c. Allow the installation to complete.

Note: This will provide the capability of importing content, exporting content, updating the domain schema from Home > Advanced Reporting

-Library > filter for report/ad-hoc > right-click the report/ad-hoc and select Export

-Manage > Organizations > right-click the tenant and select Import


-Manage > select Update Domain Schema


2. Run the following commands from the CA PPM server:

admin update jasperParameters
admin jaspersoft syncPPMContext -userName superuser -password superuser

3. Stop the Jaspersoft service.

4. Delete the following contents of the specified JASPERSOFT_INSTALL 'temp' and 'work' folders:

5. Start the Jaspersoft service.