Clarity PPM: Time Slice data not being generated

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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We are having one or more of the following issues:

-Time Slice data is missing, deficient, discrepant in the reports/portlets/UI.
-The Administration > Data Adminstration > Time Slices page has expiration dates that have not rolled over to the next period.
-The Administration > Data Adminstration > Time Slices page has DWH time slices where the expiration dates that have not rolled over to the next period.


When there is a need to reslice, it means that the Time Slicing job was interrupted at some point.

Often times, there will be an entry in the BG-ca logs indicating the error. 
To get notified on when this job fails, the scheduled job has a field where groups/resources can be notified upon job failure.

This can be caused by environmental factors beyond the control of the Clarity application/administrator such as database contention/outages/connection issues.



The following methods will force a reslice, which will be force the Time Slicing job to regenerate data items. No data is ever deleted, but rather regenerated.

Method 1 - Reslice from the UI (Soft Reslice Method)

1. From the UI > Jobs > Scheduled page
Pause the Time Slicing job, only when it is the WAITING or SCHEDULED state.
If it is in PROCESSING mode, please make sure the current instance completes.
If it did is not completing, please open a case.

2. Reslice the data item in question:
Go to Administration > Data Administration > Time slices > click on the time slice ID

a. Modify the "From Date" to be the particular date where data is not currently being included.

b. Modify the "Number of Periods" to the desired number of periods.

c. Clear out the "Expiration Date".

d. Click Submit.

3. Run an immediate Time Slicing job instance and let it complete.

For Jaspersoft reports to be updated, make sure the following jobs are completed also:

a. Update Report Tables (all parameters)
b. Load Data Warehouse (full)
c. Load Data Warehouse Access Rights

4. Validate the data has been regenerated.

If issue still occurs, please open a case.

Method 2 - Reslice via direct database update (Hard Reslice Method)

Please contact CA Support for an approved SQL statement or to further discuss the unique circumstances encountered.


Additional Information:

Sometimes data will not appear because the date range being requested is outside the range of the 13 fiscal time periods.

The following is an example of how to configure the DWH Time Slices

Note: The entity must have Monthly (or 13 period) fiscal time periods set up to cover the time range of the time slice requests.
Otherwise, the time slice requests are ignored when the Time Slicing job runs and will appear blank.

To create and activate additional fiscal time periods
1. Go to Admin > Finance > Setup > Entities >

2. select entity > Fiscal Time Periods

3. Click New and create the following monthly fiscal time periods
a. JAN 1 2021 to DEC 31 2021
b. JAN 1 2022 to DEC 31 2022

4. Select the created fiscal time periods and
go to the top right-hand side of the page, click Action > Activate

5. Run the Time Slicing job

The following is an example of reslice the fiscal time slices

0. Pause the Time Slicing job

1. Go to Administration > Data Administration  > Time Slices

2. Sort the column "Slice Period" and look for the 'Fiscal' types.

For each slice of Fiscal type (there are 13), right-click the slice name and open it in a new tab.
a. Set the From Date, Number of Periods
b. Clear out the Expire Date.
c. Click Save and Return.

3. Unpause/Resume the Time Slicing job