CA PPM BPM_ERRORS Table Blank post upgrade to CA PPM 15.3

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Last Modified Date : 31/07/2018
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CA PPM Process messages are no longer visible in PPM --> Process Instance Page post upgrade to CA PPM 15.3



CA PPM 15.3

In previous releases, the size of the BPM_ERRORS table typically expanded with debug statements and process details. To reduce the size of this table, the following enhancements have been made:

A new pre-scheduled daily recurring instance of the Delete Process Instance job is included.


A new setting is added in CSA/SECURITY.LOGS Page from PPM UI that allows you to configure the level of logging that you want to see for process gel scripts using <gel:log>. As a default, only Error or fatal logs are persisted in BPM_ERRORS. Accordingly, only error messages appear on the UI. Messages that are not logged in BPM_ERRORS are not seen on the UI. You can change the default setting to allow logs for warnings and other informational messages so they also appear on the UI. For better performance, we recommend that you the keep the logging level at Error for BPM_ERRORS. See CSA: Maintain and Monitor CA PPM for details.

Process Logging


If you would want to restore the data in BPM_ERRORS table then we recommend to keep no more than 90 days and you can execute the DB Patch command with the file attached from PPM Bin directory. RESTORE_90DAYS_BPM_ERRORS.xml


Example: <PPM_INSTALL_DIR>\bin>dbpatch -install -file <absolute_file_path_of_the_attached_RESTORE_90DAYS_BPM_ERRORS.xml> -apply


Additional Information:

Note: If you are an SAAS customer then you will not be able to execute yourself but you can request the same to be executed by CA Support. Please be sure in SAAS Request to ask for the desired level of logging that you want to see set for processes. This is also documented in CA PPM Release notes BPM_ERRORS Table Management

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