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Last Modified Date : 13/12/2018
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This article includes the list of defects related to the CA PPM and Microsoft Project (MSP) integration including the version fixed.

Important: In order to see any CA PPM MSP Interface fixes, after upgrading CA PPM, the latest MSP New Driver version will also need to be installed.
  • Before upgrading the MSP Interface, first uninstall the existing CA PPM MSP Interface components from the workstation which include:
    • CAClarityAddin, CA PPM Schedule Connect, CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface
  • The latest MSP New Driver can be installed from PPM in Home->Account Settings->Software Downloads.  (Ensure the bit level installed matches that of Microsoft Project.)

Defects fixed in 14.3

The ETC is doubling when a project is saved back from MSP to PPM for Expense and Material Resources (TEC1069423)

Installation of MSP interface on 14.2 results in a SilentInstallAddin error (TEC1170126)


Defects fixed in 14.4

In MSP New Driver with MSP2010, Tasks that have assignments with 0 ETC, export to MSP as Completed and 100% Complete (TEC1157616)

Unable to Save Projects back to PPM from MSP if the Project Team has More than One Instance of the Same Role (TEC1237791)

In the MSP New Driver, Tasks with assignment at 100% complete change to milestones at 99% complete with duration of 0 days (TEC1292553)

MSP New Driver: Cleared baseline in MSP doesn't remove baseline in PPM after save (TEC1301633)

MSP New Driver - Fixed Duration Milestones marked as 100% complete export to MSP as 99% (TEC1447705)

In the MSP New Driver, Rates do not calculate Correctly in MSP for a Material Role (TEC1631106)

In the MSP New Driver, saving project back from MSP to PPM causes multiple issues with duplicate roles (TEC1786994)

Project opened in MSP2013 throws Schedlink MFC Application has stopped working error (TEC1875866)

MSP: Save back to CA PPM fails using the 14.3 new driver on a project created and baselined with team and assignment in MSP (TEC1974814)


Defects fixed in 15.1

Material and Expenses roles change their ETC when opened in MSP (TEC1075136)

Unexpected results when doing a role replace using the Legacy MSP Driver (TEC1823528)


Defects fixed in 15.2

MSP XML Driver does not honor task dates for a fixed duration task with 0h work (TEC1297597)

In MSP New driver, when exporting a Project from PPM to MSP, incorrect settings in File-> Options are Exported (TEC1003284)

In MSP New Driver, ETC, Units and Cost are reduced for Material and Expense roles depending on ETC and Duration amount (TEC1150416)

CA PPM is not exporting dependencies to MSP predecessors column when is setting to Spanish language (New Driver) (TEC1564047)

In the MSP New Driver, As Of date is deleted in PPM when the project is saved back to PPM (TEC1761672)

In MSP New Driver, resource allocation dates get changed to the Project Start / Finish Dates (TEC1971038)

In the MSP New Driver, Master Projects cannot be saved back after a Resource's Calendar is Modified (TEC1410118)

CA PPM is not exporting all dependencies to MSP predecessors column when using non-English language (New Driver) (TEC1597298)

In the MSP New Driver, the Standard Calendar is not respected when a project includes resources using multiple Calendars (TEC1660396)

When using the New Driver, Not All Task Dependencies are Exported to MSP (TEC1846515)

In the MSP New Driver, non-latin characters are replaced with question marks (TEC1957145)


Defects fixed in 15.3

In the MSP New Driver baseline hours change in the Timescale (TEC1023216)

In MSP New Driver, Durations for Fixed Duration Tasks with Dependencies increase each time a Project is Saved to PPM and exported back to MSP (TEC1109198)

Some Resource Calendars do not show in MSP (TEC1185235)

In the MSP New Driver, Constraints for External Dependencies are not exporting to MSP (TEC1269404)

In the MSP New Driver, Incorrect Rate Dates are being Exported, Preventing Projects from Opening (TEC1308499)

MSP New Driver: Task Durations are incorrect if the PPM Base Calendar is not set to 8 hour days (TEC1518734)

Team Start and Finish Dates are no longer blank after two roundtrips with MSP using New Driver (TEC1546884)

In the MSP New Driver, Baseline Work Timescale data is blank for Tasks (TEC1648692)

In the MSP New Driver, a Save message appears when opening a Master Project (TEC1793961)

In MSP New Driver, Baseline Duration and Duration Variance are incorrect (TEC1951668)

In the MSP New Driver, Dependency Lags decrease on Save back to PPM if Hours Per Day is less than 8 Hours (TEC1130315)

In the MSP New Driver, Actual Hours get divided by 3600 for Material Resources (TEC1472433)

Priority on all tasks is getting reset to 1000 in MSP when using the New Driver (TEC1527025)

Defects fixed in 15.4

Max % Load is not exporting to the MSP New Driver when Windows regional setting is not English (KB000007561)

In the MSP New Driver, Work Hours change in the Timescale for Resources with Calendar shifts not Equal to 8 hour per day (KB000007486)

MSP New Driver: Project hangs when opening at "writing to XML" step (KB000009080)

In the MSP New Driver, % Complete for a Summary Task changes to 0% when the project is opened from PPM (KB000008682)

Defects fixed in 15.4.1

In the MSP New Driver, Actuals submitted on Saturday or Sunday are pushed out to the next Day (KB000009114)

MSP Error: 'We're sorry. There seems to be a problem with this file' due to issue with Notes (KB000091838)

Defects fixed in 15.5

In MSP New Driver, Resource Calendars don't properly update in Microsoft Project (KB000044916)

MSP New Driver: Actual Work on the Time Scale shows a 0 for a Period when All Timesheets are in Open Status in PPM (KB000113506)

Defects that are currently under Engineering review

MSP New Driver: Task Start Dates are changing to Actual Thru Date for Resource even though Constraints are Set (KB000112714)

Defects targeted to be fixed in the upcoming 15.6 release

File and Product Versions incorrectly show as 14.3.0 on the mspsetup.exe (KB000121365)

Saving a Project back from MSP changes Booking Status to Mixed (KB000121596)

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