CA Performance Center install fails with MySql errors

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Last Modified Date : 21/09/2018
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CA Performance Management (CAPM) CA Performance Center (CAPC) install fails.

Installing CA Performance Management r3.6 GA on a CENTOS server fails with errors about MySql database connection failures.
Reported against a CENTOS server installing the r3.6 release.

Solution can apply to CA Performance Management releases r3.0 and newer. 
The following error is seen in the Performance_Center_Install_<Date>_<Time>.log file:
Custom Action: 
Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR - class FatalInstallException: Unable to open database connection: (jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mysql?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&useSSL=false with root/netqos) Communications link failure 
The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server. 
Custom Action: 

Further down in the Performance_Center_Install_<Date>_<Time>.log file we see: 
FATAL ERROR - MySQL is not running. Please check the MySQL log file in the MySQL data folder for further details. This could be due to the MySQL data and temp folders not having sufficient permissions - expected permissions are 755. 

This is despite these messages that appear right before the appearance of the first MigrateDb FATAL ERROR.
Execute Command: service mysql stop 
Execute Command: service mysql start 

The MySql_Install_<Date>_<Time>.log is clean showing no errors and successful installation.

Perl is no longer required so would not help here.

Other instances show issues related to /sbin not being present in the PATH environment variable on the system. It is present in this systems PATH variable. 

Everything points to a similar case showing a cause where the libaio package was not installed. These packages are installed on the server involved. 


They are 32 bit packages. We need the 64 bit packages installed. 

We should see something like this instead as a sample (from a RHEL 7.3 system): 

  1. Clean up the failed install per documentation for failed installations. Uninstall CA Performance Center.
  2. Run the command "yum -y install libaio" on the problem server. It should find the 64 bit versions and install them. 
  3. Reinstall CA Performance Center
Additional Information:
In releases r2.8 and older, Perl was required for MySql on CAPC. In those releases the same error was seen and resolved with a Perl package installation and reinstall of CAPC. This is documented in Knowledge Base Article ID kb000006398.

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