How to identify all PPM out of the box processes

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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How can we identify all PPM out of the box processes?
PPM 14,x, 15.x
Out of t he box processes can vary by version but the following steps can be taken to identify all the OOTB processes that shouldn't be deleted: 

1) Go into Administration -> Content Add-Ins 

2) Select Accelerator: Program Management Office 

3) Go into "Items" tab and you can filter by "Type" of content, in this case Process. You should see something similar to the following: 
- Create Application Change Project Process 
- Create Application COTS Project Process 
- Create Infrastructure Project Process 
- Create Major Project Process 
- Document Review Process 
- Idea Review Process 
- Issue Review and Escalation Process 
- Project Gate Review Subprocess 
- Upgrade Status Report Subobject 

4) Do the same for "System: PPM content". Go back to Administration -> Content Add-Ins -> This time select "System: PPM content" 

5) Go into "Items" tab and filter by "Type" process again. You should see the following 4 processes: 
- Assign Incidents 
- Assign Risks 
- Conditional Automatic Approval 
- Idea Approval 

These are are the out of the box PPM processes and it is recommended to not delete these from the system.