CA OPS/MVS repeated OPS3441O messages generated across may LPARS.

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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We discovered the issue on our LAB systems (MVSGPLEX) however researching the issue the message has been hitting our production boxes as well, although not to the extent it is being seen on the LABS. I have attached a word doc to the case, with a sample of the messages from the LPAR along with a snipit of messages that occur before the OPS3441O message hits. I was looking for a smoking gun to identify what could be causing the issue, but I don't think i have fond a common thread across all of the LPARS.
"The E(valuations flavor) of the OPS3441O message are out of control. Any time 10 or more process blocks are in use, the evaluations count is incremented, and any time an increment occurred during a 1 minute period, the OPS3441O message is issued with the E code. These are of little value."

The messages will have values such as:


The middle number should not be above 100 under normal circumstances and without the APAR applied the number can be much higher.

The anomaly has been fixed by the following APARs:

The 12.3 fix is SO05725 
13.0 is SO05726 
13.5 is SO05727