CA MIM 12.5 and IBM apar OA54807

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Last Modified Date : 31/07/2018
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CA MIM is the industry standard for sharing DASD, tape, and console resources safely and efficiently in z/OS and z/VM multiple-image environments. The product streamlines and automates many of the procedures involved in sharing resources and enables multiple-system sites to share data center resources across as many as 32 systems.

Sometimes it can happen that some IBM PTFs / Apars have Actions that can involve CA MIM. 
Is there any impact on CA MIM if IBM APAR OA54807 is applied? 

Here the explanation of the apar change introduced:

Software must no longer reference the IHAPSA field PSASTAK. With this PTF, PSASTAK is no longer the beginning of the normal FRR stack. PSACSTK is an existing pointer to the beginning of the normal FRR stack. Software that references PSASTAK must be converted to use PSACSTK as the pointer to the normal FRR stack.The PSASTAK is related to recovery management and the apar itself changes the definintion of the PSASTAK field in module IHAPSA  to PSACSTK and software continuing to reference PSASTAK can receive a S0C4. 
Z/OS 2.1 - 2.2 - 2.3 + IBM APAR OA54807 
There are no CA MIM components that reference or use the PSASTAK field so there is no impact and no MIM maintenance required.
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